ESSR 2024

Birželio 6-8
Luganas, Šveicarija

Dear colleagues and friends,

We have the honour and the pleasure to welcome you to participate to our next Annual Scientific Meeting, which will be held from June 06-08, 2024.

The beautiful and largest city in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, Lugano, will host our annual event and we look forward to welcoming MSK radiologists from all over Europe.

This year’s special focus will be on Imaging of the Knee, with conventional and advanced techniques, metal artefact reduction sequences, advanced sequences in soft tissue tumours, fast protocols in sports imaging, CT imaging and more. Next to that, our subcommittees have prepared special sessions on Arthritis, Tumours, Interventions, Sports, Osteoporosis and Paediatric MSK studies.

The ESSR Annual Meetings are happy to welcome more than 1.000 congress delegates each year, coming together from all continents and sharing their experience and expertise within the ESSR community. Obviously, we aim to continue such successful path with our event in 2024.